About us

Dear client, we are Svicha Ltd., a multy-BU enterprise known for over 20 years for high quality engeneering, fabrication, earthworks and civil construction in Ukraine and FSU.

Svicha was founded in March 1993 by its current ownwer and CEO Taras-Igor Vulchyn.

Svicha is the leading manufacturer of industrial equipment and tools, has two fully-owned production and fabrication facilities: in Ivano-Frankivsk ( 15 Maksymovycha str.) and in Kolomyya ( Maydansky str. with "Elektroosnastka" factory, the controlling stake of which was equired by Svicha Ltd in 1996). Our engeneering and field team consists of highty-experienced experts of former giants of Soviet heavy and oil gas industries: Autolivmash, Karpatripmash, Agromash, Naftoburmash etc.

The company has a construction and civil multy-BU; expertise and equipment fleet; and successfully builds multi-storey residential buildings, industrial facilities, recreational facilities in difficult and ... read more


Head office 
67 Nezalezhnosti Str.
Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018


E-mail: info@svicha.com
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